Transportation vehicle cleaning and tire service products

Part# Product  Description
1500 Pink Panther Tire mount/dismount solution non - flammable, non - toxic product that makes tire mounting and dismounting a breeze.

Pink Panther MSDS

1000 Rampage Concentrated Alkaline Detergent designed for high and low pressure applications. Our most popular soap product for everyday use in exterior vehicle washing.  Use 1 part Rampage to 25 parts water in pressure washer applications.  Although Rampage is an alkaline cleaning solution it is gentle enough not to cause damage to decals or streak aluminum. Medium foaming.

Rampage MSDS

1100 Proceed Concentrated Neutral Detergent for manual washing applications, such hand washing of vehicles.  Relatively high foaming action.

Proceed MSDS

1200 Eight Ball Concentrated Alkaline Detergent designed for high and low pressure applications.  If tough hard to remove road grime, exhaust fume stains, grease and oil has got you behind the eight ball, Eight Ball is the answer for cleaning needs.  Similar yet stronger than our Rampage product this product is typically used 1 part Eight Ball to 25 parts water.  Eight ball is a great internal tank cleaning detergent.

Eight Ball MSDS

1300 Tarzan Concentrated D-Limonene Detergent - Tarzan is the ultimate solution for cleaning tar, six oil, or greasy materials, this 90 percent D-Limonene material also mixes with water for safe effective biodegradable cleanup. 

Tarzan MSDS 

1400 Protexit Sealant and Drying Agent - a spray wax product that helps water bead up and run off vehicle surfaces after washing. Provides and protective layer that also improves shine. Protexit can used in high or low pressure applications.

Protexit MSDS

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